Tattoo Seminar with Jerrod Vaughn

Thursday, October 3

During the seminar, Jerrod Vaughn will guide you through the tattooing process from beginning to end, sharing tips and tricks used daily, focusing on color saturation and theory. Jerrod will demonstrate how and why colors are chosen and discuss preferred inks. Additionally, participants will explore storytelling techniques and methods for infusing more movement into tattoo designs. The day will conclude with a live demonstration tattoo. There will be opportunities for Q&A throughout the seminar, and attendees are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible. The cost per slot is $200, with only 15 slots available. Paid at the event to Jerrod Vaughn upon arrival.

Jerrod Vaughn

“My name is Jerrod Vaughn. I’m from Southeast Missouri. I'm a 38-year-old tattoo artist from the middle of nowhere, Missouri. I’ve been in the game for 11 years. I have focused primarily on color in my time in the industry, but I enjoy black and grey occasionally. I would say somewhere between New School, and Neotrad is my sweet spot. If I can get some pop culture subject matter and tell a fun story along the way, even better!”


Tickets for Roughrider Ink & Iron Expo will be available at the door. See below for the different ticket & pass options.

  • Weekend Pass
    $35.00 + tax
  • Single Day (Adult)
    $15.00 + tax
  • Single Day (Kid)
    $5.00 + tax


If you are interested in becoming a partner for Roughrider Ink & Iron Expo, please contact Emily Finley at [email protected]